Majority of people don’t believe they have what it takes to fly at the start of the flight training. They are scared about whether they will make it or not or whether they will struggle a lot when it comes to fly. When considering the decision to start flying students at first start to doubt themselves.

But after enrolling to this program they get to understand how things work, and they start cooping with no or minimal challenges. By overcoming the fears, they develop confidence in that they are capable of flying.
Below are the reasons why most student pilots drop out of training

Lack of adequate funds

Lack of adequate funds is one of the reasons why students drop out of pilot training before the completion of this course. Flying isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of financial support, and at the same time, it needs proper financial planning and some students do have big budgets they survive on the strict ones.

As the student can underestimate the time required to obtain a pilot license, it is just the same to underestimate the amount of money that will be required during the training period. Some are unaware of other additional costs upfront, while others may take longer training periods than they had initially expected others experience some life experiences in that they have to to take some steps back from flights as a result of financial problems. The students may resume later when they get the finances required to proceed with training.

Presence of bad instructor

If students are not getting well with their tutor or instructor is one of the major reasons why students are unable to complete the training program. Despite the aviation industry maintaining standards for instructors who are well certified, sometimes it happens that the student and the instructor are not getting along well.

Sometimes it becomes hard for an instructor to guide a particular student. There are times when both the students and instructors tend to clash with personalities. Some students develop a belief that the only way to success is to just switch the instructors, but at times it seems easier than done. Students who lack the courage to speak up and ask for a new instructor will have a frustrating experience and may end up dropping out of school completely.

The most important thing to understand is that these problems are not related to students wisdom or their learning ability, which is often the anxiety the new students experience when they decide to take flight training. These challenges are not so difficult to overcome if you are well prepared, having an open mind and going by it.

Lack of enough time

Flight training demands a lot of time as well as energy, and often students begin this flight program without having enough time to commit to flying. This causes the instructors to cancel lessons or to go for a longer period with no flights taking place. Students also unpreparedness during the flight times and this will derail the progress.

Devoting time to this training is also one of the key factors in this profession. The students drop out of schools when they realize they don’t have time to devote to flight training efforts. These students then prefer to get back to schools after a lengthy break.