Generally, a hobby will give relaxation, pleasure and enjoyment. A hobby may consist of activities, arts, sports, collectors and so on. Usually will be done during leisure time and not for working. However, in this advanced world, some hobbies can earn handsome pay. Flying as a hobby is an activity that not many of us would consider. It is one of the extreme activities that some others would do it for pleasure.

Who can fly?

Not everyone can fly a plane. You will need to take a flying license for it. Having said, there will be a minimum requirement which is to pass a medical exam. Learning to fly is open to as young as 11 years old which will be determined by their heights too whereby must be reachable to all controls for the aircraft. So for an adult, age should not be a problem. You will just have to:
● Pass the medical exam
● Tall enough to reach all controls
● Get a flying license

Money matters

Well, this is certainly not going to be a cheap hobby. Let’s face it, this is involving risk and life, not just a hobby. Thus we shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest lesson. The right way would be searching for the quality and reputable instructor or flight school. So that you will be properly trained at the highest standard.

Learning purpose

There will be different training for the different purpose of being a pilot. So you will have to decide why would you want to learn to fly. There will several categories that you need to decide:
● For airlines or chartered
● This would be as a professional job.
● Business purpose
● People with multiple locations to fly for business owners or for personal location.
● The training will be long distance and aircraft used will be at a higher performance.
● Some will be training to fly at different weathers.
● For fun
○ For those who fly locally and also partly as a hobby and for fun.

Regardless, your purpose must be known by flying instructor. This definitely will be a game changer for your training and the course fees. Thus there will be different licensing issued based on your training:

● Sport pilot license
● Private pilot license
● Recreational pilot license

Next step

Start do your homework to find the right place to get your license. Some may offer a course that allows you to get your license in 45 hours instead of 75 hours and it comes with at higher fees definitely. Regardless of how tempting to get it done as soon as possible, remain focus to find the certified and quality instructor or flying school.

There are certain criteria that you should look at when searching for a flying school. Such as the FAA standard and approval, certified instructors, accommodate to your schedule and many more.

Lets fly

Many others do enjoy flying. In fact, you can upgrade your license along the way. By upgrading may allow you to fly longer or even cross country, and some can take a course to fly a different type of aeroplanes. It is not just an expensive hobby, you can even make money too.

Perhaps even covers all the courses fee that you paid for. A passion that does not go to waste after all. All the efforts will be worthwhile. A great hobby that will increase your adrenaline.